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Kadıkoy Shelter


-Purposes of the shelter are to ensure people's
care for animals, and to help stray/unowned animals.
-Purposes of the Shelter are to help the unowned/stray animals and to ensure people's care for these animals as well as fighting against any violation of the animal rights.
-Basic activities of the animal shelter are protection,
vaccination,neutering and carrying out health checks of animals.
-The Shelter organizes a lot of activities.They sell small gifts and
christmas decorations.
-The Shelter organizes the activities as cermesses, concerts,boat trips to raise money for the needs of the shelter. And it organizes conferences and seminars to inform the community.
-Shelter shares pictures and detailed information of some animals
to rehome them
-The Shelter shares pictures and information of some animals to rehome them
-People can make donation, provide food and cleaning products
-People can make food help, attend activities of the shelter or they can visit the Shelter.
-There are volunteers dealing with animals in the Shelter.
-Two volunteers come to the Shelter every day of week.
-The Shelter helps cats and dogs.
-Veterinary checks are performed as long as animals stay there.

-The Shelter helps the unowned animals.

We started writing questions to ask the attendant at the animal shelter. At the same time, I'm trying to relate with animal rescue centers in Australia. -Servet Nur Topel

We have decided to go to the animal shelter on Saturday 10th of November. Till saturday, We'll prepare all the questions to ask the attendant and we'll do researches about Australian animal rescue centers. -Servet Nur Topel

Today Seda Nur is preparing questions.

I sent an e-mail to RSPCA NSW on Facebook after sending e-mails to wild life rescue organizations. It's here "hello :) i'm from istanbul-turkey and i need information
about the animal shelters and animal protection in australia. can we make a short interview?" Now I'm waiting for reply excitedly :) -Servet Nur Topel

They guessed my mail on Facebook "Hi Servetnur,

If you would like to make a time for an interview, you can contact our media department at mail@rspcansw.org.au or call our head office +61 2 9770 7555.

Kind regards,

RSPCA NSW" Now I'm sending mail to this adress :) -Servet Nur

My mail "Hello I'm servetnur and I'm from Istanbul-Turkey. I need information about animal protect, animal shelters and Australian laws about animals :) Can we make an interview? "

Unfortunately We couldn't go to animal shelter for some reasons today :(

Today we went animal shelter of Kadıköy but we couldn't take any photos. We will have a permit and we'll go there again this week. If I should tell about what I saw there today, there were so lovable dogs there and some of them were injured. They were classified from calm to aggressive. THE calm and old ones were out of the cages and others were in the classified cages. Cages' floors were covered with grass a little bit but usually only muddy. And the dogs to adopt were in a different place. Their cages were smaller and they were cleaner. I don't know if people can adopt other dogs too but as I see it, only those clean puppies were waiting to be adopted. There were no signs like the ones on the front of puppies' cages. -Servet Nur Topel

RSPCA NSW gave me a number to call :( how to call? I started to think that we should change the country. -Servet Nur Topel

Today I went to the press department of the counselling of Kadikoy Municipality.The attendant helped me.
She called the responsible person of the shelter. She gave me the telephone number of him. At this weekend ,before we go to the shelter, we’ll call him. So, they will give permission to us so that we can take photographs and make an interview. -Rabia

I'm preparing animations for the presentation :) -Servet Nur Topel

This morning, I called the attendant of the shelter to inform I would go to the shelter. Then I went to the shelter. I took photos of the dogs, hens, dog huts. I filmed the shelter. Finally I made an interview with the veterinarian. -Rabia

I have sent e-mail to an animal shelter in Italy. Also I asked them not to direct me to make international phone calls :) I hope they can help us. Now I'm going to e-mail the Belgian animal shelter, too. -Servet Nur

No one from the animal shelters in Italy & Belgium has replied my messages. I will write about their animal shelters by giving the details I can find on their websites :) -Servet Nur

... I tried but I couldn't use voicethread :( -Servet Nur

I'm writing texts to compare animal shelters -Servet Nur

Today I made a video with the photos of the animals in the shelter - Rabia

My text is about a shelter/organization named 'Help Animals';

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---------> My text about Kadıköy Shelter

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Our İnterview with Kadıkoy Animal Shelter

-How many animals are there in the shelter?
There are about 350 animals here.

-Can you give information about the animals here?
Animals are usually stray animals that were found on the streets. But there is a certain extent of animals left by their owners, too.

-Does the veterinary check the animals here regularly?
Yes, of course.

-How often is it done?
Veterinary checks are performed as long as animals stay here.Every day except Sunday, the veterinarians are here.

-Are there volunteers?
Yes, there are. Two volunteers come every day of week.Care of the animals, improving their conditions here, rehoming of the animals animals are tasks of our volunteers.

-What do you think about euthanasia?
We don't put them to sleep here. If people want such a thing, they can do it in the private veterinary clinics-not here.

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Both of the animal shelters are located in places similar to each other.. They are among
companies & skyscrapers.They are out of sight. In my opinion, that's why people don't
visit them often. But actually 'Help Animals' invites people to come and see the animals there.
They contact teachers and they want students to learn about that feeling: love for animals.

Both animal shelters are against the sale of animals. In Brussels it's forbidden to sell
animals in public markets. In Istanbul, Kadikoy Municipality has forbidden selling animals
on 13.03.13, too.

Both of them have the same sort of physical structures. Cages, kennels, floor, etc. Smaller cages are
for little dogs, kennels in free areas are for elderly dogs. Others are for the aggressive dogs.


I think thetwo animal shelters have a common problem. It's about cages' floors. They must be grass or wood. If it's concrete, animals' nails get hurt and they feel cold much more when it's winter.

They could be nearer the residential areas. This way more people would go there.

Bowls for dogs should have been cleaner.

They should disinfect animals often for hygiene.


General features of the shelters are very similar. Their purpose is the same: Helping animals and improving the communication between people and animals. Withal sale christmas decorations are very creative. When I came to Kadikoy Animal Shelter, I met the volunteers. I think they deal with animals quite well and communicate with the visitors sincerely. Other than this, I think the information about the animals on the website of Kadikoy Animal Shelter could be more detailed. If the people were more sensitive about animals I think the shelters would be more beautiful. - Rabia