Team 3 : Zekeriya Tatlı & Sanem Akgunes& Aslı Donmez&Mustafa İkbal Mehmedoğlu & Buse Calık
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The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.
Mahatma Gandhi
Every animal knows more than you do. Native American Proverb
Beykoz Animal Shelter.
İngiltere Wood Green animal shelter
They have 250 animals in shelter.
They have 700 animals in shelter.
They have 5 volunteers.
They have 150 volunteers.
tagging the animal:They check earring on the ear of the animal.
no tagging:They don't check for earrings.
They don't receive money from the municipality.
They don't receive money from the municipality too.
They need many more volunteers.
They have enough volunteers.
They are trying to find the best system.
They already have the best system.

Buse Çalık
page designer
Zekeriya Tatlı
Mustafa İkbal
Aslı Dönmez
Sanem Akgüneş

Here you can see Wood Green as England Animal Shelter :)

We had a contact with Wood Green yesterday. Our dialogue was like that;
ME --- Hi! My name's Sanem and I'm from Turkey . I have a piece of homework about animal shelters so can you help me with my homework,please?
WOOD GREEN --- Many thanks for your email regarding the work of Wood Green, The Animals charity. Please let me know the questions you have and I will endeavour to answer them.
And now we are preparing some questions :) -Sanem Akgunes

Hi. Last tuesday I called the animal shelter.They said we could go to visit any day.Normally We would go on Sunday but for some reasons, we have decided to go during the weekdays. In addition, specific questions have been prepared by the group.These questions has been asked to the attendants at Üsküdar shelter and English shelter. Then we will share the information here. -Buse Çalık

We will go to the animal shelter on Wednesday. We will take photos and interview with the attendants and vets. In addition, I have sent an e-mail to Marley's Mutts , I have also sent a message to Beykoz animal shelter,Trabzon animal shelter and sent a message Yedikule volunteers on Facebook. I have tried to contact places outside in İstanbul because I think we can get more information. I am waiting for an answer. - Buse Çalık

I'm Zekeriya.Everyone has a task.We will go to the animal shelter after school.Buse will come with her camera .We are exciting about tomorrow.When we leave there and come back home, we will share the pictures and interviews with you. We are wondering about this work.Let's wait and see tomorrow. :) -Zekeriya Tatlı

Today I have made a video search.I watched a video about the wood green on YouTube and I found a lot of things. the People in the Wood Green are trying to show animals in this video.Take a look my friends, you can learn much :D

Heey! :) Today, ı have contacted to beykoz animal shelter. ı have asked some questions about the shelter. I am waiting for an answer. I hope,the answers will come tomorrow.

We are going to the animal shelter tomorrow. I am so excited. What will we do tomorrow? I am very curious. See you later. :) - Buse Çalık

We havent gone to the animal shelter because it has started to rain.So we have put it off for a week. - Buse Çalık

07.11.2012 (22.42)
I've searched about putting these animals to a forest or a fence . People don't want this law (death law) in Turkey because these animals are not ready for this type of life, they are pets. And they can't hunt anything there. If they put these animals there, they won't be able to live a normal life. If there is nobody to feed them they will die soon.
( -İkbal

Hello everyonee!!! I'm here because I have to say something.I have sent our questions to England Shelter today.I guess they will answer tomorrow so See you tomorrow :D (Akgunes)

Our questions and Their answers

1- Are the animals kept tied?
No – Animals are kept in state of the art and modern kennel and cattery facilities individually or with companions as suitable. Our accommodation focusses on enrichment to ensure animals can perform their natural behaviours.

2- How many animals are there at the shelter
We rehome about 5,500 animals every year at any time we may have 700 animals at our centres waiting for new homes.

3- How/by whom are they bought to you?
Our animals are bought to us by previous owners unable to care for, afford, house them or as strays, abandoned. We take in stray dogs 24hours a day every day.

4- What are the conditions to adopt the animals?
This is dependent on the individual animal it would be best to visit our website
5- Is the shelter away from the city center?
We have three centers one in North London, One in rural Cambridgeshire and one in rural Royston in hertforshire. We rehome dogs, cats, small animals and field animals from Cambridgeshire, cats and small animals from Hertfordshire and cats only from London due to its city location – we also offer a low cost vet service for people in the area at our London center.

6- Do you have any volunteers working there?
We have 250 paid members of staff and approx. 150 volunteers

7- how do you maintain the shelter in economical terms?
We receive no government or lottery funding the majority of our funding comes from legacy gifts in peoples will or by direct monthly donors.

8-Do you euthanise animals?Why?

We will only euthanaise an animal due to severe medical or behavioural grounds where the animals welfare is severly compromised. (Sanem Akgunes)

Hello :) Marley's Mutts's answer have come today.

I: Hello! I am a student at Uskudar Anatolian High School in Turkey. I have homework. I want to ask you some questions. Can you help me ? I will wait for your answer :)

Zach Skow: Absolutely! What would you like to know?

I: Thank you :)
My questions :1- are the animals kept tied?2- how many animals are there at the shelter3- how/by whom are they bought to you?4- What are the conditions to adopt the animals? 5- Is the shelter away from the city center?6- do you have any volunteers working there?7- how do you maintain the shelter in economical terms?
Zach Skow:
1- The animals are not tied to anything, nor are they in cages. The dogs live with me like family so that they can learn to be dogs again.
2- 8 dogs live with me at my home/shelter. We have another 15 dogs that are at foster homes around the area.3- We pull the dogs from shelters where they are going to be put to sleep. We usually rescue them from the Bakersfield Animal Shelter, where up to 1,000 dogs live. 90% of them will be killed at the shelter...4- To adopt, we interview families and make sure that they are capable. We also have them bring their families and dogs to meet the dog that they are going to adopt.5- Yes the shelter/my home is away from the city and in the Mountains. We are 16 miles away from the nearest city.6- We do have volunteers that help out with the website and with exercising the dogs and with raising money.7- Economically we survive on donations from the public. We have fund raisers and we apply for "grants" to help keep our operation going. Everybody that works here is a volunteer.Sorry my questions were so short. I'd be happy to answer the questions better when I get some free time.Hope this helps! Im very excited and happy to be talking with somebody all the way in Turkey. We've actually had a few Anatolian Shepherds-- their names were Joseph and Mary and they were HUGE!Have a great day,Z and the Mutts
I: Thank you so much.. :) -Buse Çalık

Finally we will go to the Animal shelter, buddies.We have prepared the questions.Buse will take the
photos. Me, Ikbal and Aslı will make the interwiews and other stuff. -Zekeriya Tatlı

We have tried to find the shelter. We havent been able to find it but today it was so much fun. We must try this another time again :) -Aslı Dönmez

I'm telling abut yesterday.First , thanks a lot Miss Tüzün. We had a great time. But we couldn't make the interwiew.We have tries to find the shelter.We went to the animal shelter after school.We got on bus 4 to go there.We were hungry.But we had 2 hours so we would eat something after the interwiew.We waited for the wrong bus station during 20 minutes and then we walked to Umraniye with our school bags.And we found the correct bus station. We were finally on the bus. We went there.But we got off bus at wrong stop.We had to walk again.A man said ' If you walk to the shelter , you can go there in 20 minutes.' We ran there but this place , was so empty.Like an empty village.We couldn't see any bus stops so we walked and ran tp find a bus stop.We walked about 20 minutes again. the shelter closes at 04.00 pm. We were late, we found a bus stop..But it didn't come during 1 hour.We were so hungry without any markets close to us. We found a greengrocer's but didn't any money to buy something. We told this to the greengrocer and he gave us some bread , some baked chicken and tomatoes. We were ashmaed but we were so hungry. We got this and sat at a park near the bus stop. We were eating chicken and looking at the street to see a bus coming. The bus didn't come for 1 hour. We ate the chicken in the meantime.And we were back to the bus stop.The bus didn't show up. It was 4.36 pm. We were late and angry with the driver.We walked for 5 minutes again and we waited for another bus at another bus stop.We took photos and we went back to our homes. We hadn't imagined this to be so. But we were so happy as we had fun. We will choose a song for this day.Thanks a lot again Miss Tüzün :) - Zekeriya Tatlı

Hi. We went to Beykoz yesterday. We couldn't find the animal shelter. We were hungry,thirsty and tired but it was so fun. We couldn't make the interwiew and couldn't take photos. Nevertheless, we showed a concerted effort. That's important. -Buse Çalık

We talked about interview with group and Mrs.Tüzün. We will interview the shalter but by phone or on the internet.Because our families angry to us for we went to Beykoz. -Aslı Dönmez

Maybe we will change the works.Buse interviewed.She will give me the interview text and I'll translate it English anjd share there. -Zekeriya Tatlı


Hi friends ! Previous, I sent a message Marley's Mutt's. Today, Zach Skow sent a message me again.

Zach Skow:
Could you help us with this? Is your english well enough to understand the message?
Hi Zach,

I travelled to the Western Coast of Turkey last week in order to explore some of the greates ancient ruins that remain from ancient Greek and Roman civilizations. We stayed in a small village close to the Aegean sea. I noticed the vast amount of stray cats and dogs in Turkey. At first this really disturbed me, but I learned from the locals how the country deals with homeless cats and dogs, and in some ways I actually think it is better than here in the US. Turkey is a secular country, yet most of its population is Muslim. People generally do not believe in euthanizing animals that cannot be placed in homes, like it is done at most shelters here. The solution there: Vets will spay and neuter at no cost. This encourages people to bring animals to the vet. After the animal has recovered, dogs receive a tag in their ears. Cats sometimes get earclipped like the feral cats here. Then they are released again at the exact place they had been picked up. They will either get food out of dumpsters, or receive meal leftovers from the Turks, that here in the US would have been put in the garbage and thus wasted. For the most part this seems to works out ok. It is socially much more acceptable there to feed strays, and the Turks do this on a regular basis, Nothing is wasted. I had lunch at a restaurant. As soon as we were done, the owner of the place took the plates and dumped the leftovers outside to a stray dog and a family of cats waiting there. Then he only took the empty plates back into the kitchen with him. This would be unheard of here. Of course nothing is perfect. Ultimately these animals are still at the mercy of people. So when people are not around, finding food can be difficult.

This became obvious when I visited the ancient ruins of Miletus, a significant site from ancient Greek and Roman history. Once a bustling harbor town, today Miletus is situated in a desolate and windy plain. The sea has receded after the Meander River that runs through the area silted up at its delta. All that remains of the once grand city, is its giant almost intact amphitheater that seated more than 25,000 people. Even though this site is historically important, it is far less visited than for example the ruins of Ephesus that have a closer proximity to cruise ship harbors. During the winter season, few tourists go there. Nobody lives in the surrounding areas. Yet Miletus has its share of stray dogs as well. The dogs there come running when they see a human being, hoping to receive something, anything that will fill their stomachs. They are friendly, and hopeful. Yet they are emaciated. A tour group from Germany that we passed was making jokes about the dogs here needing "a good steak". I had a bread in the car that we had bought for breakfast. We ripped it into little pieces and threw it to the dogs. Our Turkish friend Emre was able to buy several loaves of bread from a local snack shop there. We fed it to the dogs as well. I noticed one dog in particular. It was even skinnier than the others. It had its tail between its legs, and it was too afraid of the other dogs to get the bread, yet it needed food the most. Emre, my 10-year-old son and I split up to feed the dogs in different areas there, so that the shy little one would be able to eat as well. It worked. But this of course was just one day. The dogs followed us all the way to the car.....

I have not been able to stop thinking about these animals, especially the little shy dog there. All of them were so friendly, approaching people, wagging their tails, hoping for someone to feed them. It was very sad. I feel that I need to do something to help these animals. Since I do not live in Turkey, the best solution would be to bring some of them over here to get adoptive homes. I unfortunately cannot take any more animals myself. I have seen a program when I visited the famous ruins of Pompeii in Italy. There are stray dogs everywhere there as well. An animal recue organization there has every dog spayed or neutered, vaccinated and tagged. There are dog houses and water and feeding stations everywhere. People can adopt dogs from there. The dogs are all named according to their place of origin, f.e. Caesar of Pompeii, Snickers of Pompeii, Fluffy of Pompeii. A similar effort like this one could work in Miletus, even if attempted on a small scale at first. Who would not want to own a dog from Miletus?

I would like to transport some of the dogs from Miletus (closest airport is Izmir) to the U.S.. I still have friends in Turkey who could assist with this. I would be happy to help fundraise in order to cover the airfare for the dogs. We do need to line up adoptive homes or foster homes for them. I had checked online what US entry requirements are, and the main thing seems to be a rabies vaccination that has been given at least 30 days prior. The dogs will thus have to be fostered in Turkey for at leat 30 days first.

I will contact my Turkish sources to try and get photos of the dogs and to see what we can line up. I will also try to get prices for the airfare.

How can we help him ? You send a message your's idea me. Perhaps Mr. Zach sent his photographs with dogs
to me.

155429_309254965840681_1608213_n (1).jpg

-Buse Çalık.


Hi folks! Again me. We asked these questions in our homework:

1- are the animals kept tied?2- how many animals are there at the shelter?3- how/by whom are they bought to you?4- What are the conditions to adopt the animals? 5- Is the shelter away from the city center?6- do you have any volunteers working there?7- how do you maintain the shelter in economical terms?
Here are the answers we got from the animal shelters :
Beykoz Animal Shelter:

They collect animals from the streets of the city. Before the collection, they check if there is any earring on the ear of the animal,or not. If there is no earring,it means that animal wasnt checked before, So it is the way to understand if that animal spayed or injected against rabbies before,or not. After that,they bring the animals to the shelters of their own. First of all,they examine the animal. After that operation they start to treat which takes five days. When the treatment process ends,they bring the animals back to their streets. They also try to find an owner for them. they need care. None of them is kept tied.They live in 10 m square cages with a capacity of maximum four animals. the capacity of the shelter is appropriate for three hundred animals but at the moment there are around two hundred twenty five dogs there.If you want to adopt an animal,you can visit the shelter seven days in a week from ten am -six p.m.. You should fill out a from and this from is sent to the veterinary directorate. It is approved there and then they want your ID's copy, a bill showing your residance.And then if this person to adopt the animal is close the shelter, they bring the animal to its new home thmeselves.If this person is far from the shelter,the person must come to the shelter and take the animal by himself. they have five voluntary workers.the municipality provides all they nedd, if the people want to help them with animal food,they accept.

Translation: Aslı Dönmez & Zekeriya Tatlı

07.12.2012- by Ikbal Mehmedoglu
Buse sent me an e-mail about Cankaya Animal Shelter/Ankara. I'm translating it.

this shelter is one of the best in out country. This shelter was opened on 10.07.2009
and it is different from other shelters in many ways. Some of them;
*In the center there is 1 veterinary and 3 personnel working.
*Unowned animals are taken to the center by attendants.If their mothers are with them the mother is taken too.
*Motherless animals are taken with their brothers and/or sisters.
*the veterinary do the examination.
  • they are put into different wards.,
*If the babies are motherless they are put into suitable wards because they need to be breast-fed.
*But when they grow up they are adopted.

If this can be done the same way in all the shelters it will be perfect both for animals and people.
There are some pictures of Cankaya Animal Shelter. -İkbal

Beykoz Animal Shelter Photographs






423487_242639679146916_1712264539_n (1).jpg




I and Mr. Zach Skow :)) -Buse Çalık.

Me and Wood Green :D - Sanem Akgüneş

Wood Green Animal Shelter (Christmas photograph)


-Sanem Akgüneş

- Solutions -


Through our research, we have seen that the shelters in our country must be developed.We have a lot of diadvantages in comparison to other countries.But certainly, this differences can be solved with volunteers' and thegoverment's help.We pay a lot of tax to the government.The government can allocate some money from our tax or maybe the government make the rich pay fr some of the amount .

Or maybe the volunteers can organize some campaign and collect money for the shelters.

And this money can be used to improve the shelters and be spent for this care of animals.

-Zekeriya Tatlı


Hello ! During the project, we really worked very hard.In our group,everyone did their share. We can not say anyone didn't work. We didn't go to Uskudar Animal Shelter (but we compensated for it.) During the trip to the shelter in Uskudar,we had so much fun.I think, that's the important thing. Other than that, I contacted Marley's Mutt's(the USA), and Beykoz Animal Shelters. I shared the info I got from them with my friends and they helped me with the translation. With the help of my teacher,I also helped Mr.Zach Skow- at least to some extent.

According to what we have learnt so far, Britain's situtation is better than us.Otherwise, there are more people loving animals there. They are rich in material and they get more assistance.

That project has been good for my English; Yes, I have learnt how to express myself. I hope we did a good job. Finally, everyone has helped each other a lot,thank you :)) -Buse Çalık