We are searching about the interesting street names....

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍students' names
Miray Emran
Searching for Soğukçeşme Street (The Cold Fountain Street)
Rabia Hızarcı
Seraching for Cezayir Street (Algerian Street)
Aslıhan Berra Helvacı
Searching for Jurnal Street
Serden Nurçin
Searching for Nuruziya Street
Amine Cemre Selvi
Serarching for Balık Tutan Şaşı Kedi Street (Fishing Cross-Eyed Cat Street)

links showing the streets in the map
how did we find this street
who helped us to learn about the history of this street
Soğukçeşme Street
(The Cold Fountain Street)
‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍I found this street
on the net.
I learned about the history of this street from vikipedia.
Cezayir Street
(Algerian Street)
I found this street on the net.
A person who lives on this street has helped me.
Jurnal Street
I found a book about the histories of the streets of Istanbul, at home. I have used that.
I looked at that book there is the history of the street.
Nuruziya Street
I found this street on the net.
Firstly, I searched in blogs. Then I found some information on wikipedia.
Balık Tutan Şaşı Kedi Street
(Fishing Cross-Eyed Cat Street)
I found this street on the net.
I searched about the history of the street in blogs.

What did we do?
First, group members found interesting street names and loaded this street's maps onto this page
We decided which streets we would search about and we filled the table two accordingly.
Miray wrote what she doing and searching.
Cemre wrote what she doing and searching.
Cemre uploaded Fishing Cross-Eyed Cat Street's history and pictures.
Cemre wrote what do she will.
Miray uploaded The cold Fountain Street's history, pictures, panoramic image and prepared video.
Rabia uploaded a diologue about street, panoramic image, pictures and prepared video.
Aslıhan Berra uploaded Jurnal Street's history and prepared video.
Serden decided which street she would search about. Later, she uploaded Nuruziya Street's history and pictures.
Cemre uploaded a video prepared by her.

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Uploaded by Miray Emran(Soğukçeşme Street)

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Uploaded by Rabia Hızarcı (Cezayir Street)

Daha Büyük Görüntüle

Uploaded by Aslıhan Berra Helvacı ( Jurnal Street)

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Uploaded by Serden Nurçin ( Nuruziya Street)

Daha Büyük Görüntüle
Uploaded by Amine Cemre Selvi (Balık Tutan Şaşı Kedi Street)


Hı!I am searching for 'Sogukcesme' street.I have found this street on the net.I found this street's history and I will make a video about this street.When ı have prepared this video ı will uploaded that.And I will contact this streets Facebook Group.I have already sent the message below:

Hı everybody ı have got some homework which is finding this street's history but ı couldnt find this street's history on the net can you help me please?

And I am about to prepare the video. (Miray)


Hi! I am searching for 'Balık tutan şaşı kedi' street.ı have uploaded some information about this street's history.but ıt ıs not only this.I'm trying to contact with this street's people. I have already found a person from there on Facebook. I have sent a message to her. I'm waiting for her answer. (cemre)

Fishing Cross-Eyed Cat Street (Cemre)

The structure of the street:

The dead end street links Bodrum-Gumusluk coast line and the houses above. This narrow little street has stairs down to the beach. It is with in the borders of Antikmyndos which is currently called Gumusluk . At the end of the street there is a broken aquarium. And the street's name is written on a small piece of wood just like the little street itself.

Where does the street name come from?**
According to the people who live on the street, the street was named after the cat that stepped down the stairs of the little street very confidently. When Gumusluk coastline was just a little sandy bay,the cat used to sit on the edge of the coast just like a philosopher. With its crossed eyes, the cat appeared to watch the sunset calmly. But suddenly, the cat caught a silver fish in the sea.
According to some the cat was really cross eyed, but according to the others the cat looked at the fish and it caught ir with its crossed eyes.
the Famous Turkish writer Sait Faik Abasiyanik, mentions this cat in his book called “’ Bir Kıyının Dört Hikayesi’’ which is about the people who earn their lives by fishing. In the book, children push the cat into the sea, but the cat comes out of the sea with a fish in its paw. In his book Sait Faik, mentions the sea, fishermen, and his family.

sait-faik-abasiyanik_16173.jpg İmmortal Writer Sait Faik Abasıyanık...

In another narration, a tourist in Gumusluk called Dalida names the street and the cat. The tourist whose real name Yolida Gigotti was a model and singer of Italian descent. The singer was born in Egypt, lived in France for many years and visited Ege for so many times and gave the last concert in Aspendos.

84bn5isp08hah8s.jpgBeatiful Dalida...

Similar to this street, in Paris there is a narrow Street called “Fishing Cat”
From Paris to Bodrum, who knows?

c79ry5ct4xn4dhh7a.jpgbalik-tutan-sasi-kedi-sokagi_177076.jpgkedi_315522.jpg (Cemre)


I made a video on goanimate.



BUT I MADE THİS VİDEO İN 2 PART . (Cemre)(09.12.2012)




800px-Sogukcesme_Sokagi_Istanbul_2007_001.jpg Soğukçeşme-Sokağı-1.jpg
Hı! I have contacted this street's Facebook group.(This group name is:Soğukçeşme Sokağı) and they have answered my questions.And ı have prepared a video about our dialog.this is this videos link.

and ı have also found this street's panoromic image.This is the link:

and ı have also found a really detailed map on the net.This is the link to that:


Soğukçeşme Street(The Cold Fountain Street) is located in Sultanahmet.The narrow road (Soğukçeşme) between Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace is like an exhibition of the Ottoman period in Istanbul.The street got its name from the fountain that was built in 1800 over the face of cistern left from the Byzantine period.This fountain is situated at its end towards Gulhane Park.Cars can not enter this street.The street has got a lot of historic houses.These houses are the wooden, two or three-storey Ottoman houses consisting of four to ten rooms dating to the 19th to 20th century.And they have been restored with the initiative of Çelik Gülersoy in 1985-1986.The buildings are decorated in the 19th century style with furniture including such items as beds and consoles, silk curtains, velvet armchairs and gilded mirrors.
The birthplace of Turkey's 6th president Fahri Korutürk (1903–1987) is also situated in this street.And the Queen of Spain stayed there for four nights with two her relaitives.One of the houses hosts the library "İstanbul Kitaplığı" with over 10,000 books about Istanbul owned by the Çelik Gülersoy Foundation.

And here the video :

This is the pictures of this street:

This is the birthpalace of Fahri Korutürk:

Ekran Alıntısı.JPG




soguk-cesme-sokagi-2.jpg eskix05.jpg

eskix04.jpg eskix03.jpg




Cezayir Street (Algerian Street)(Rabia Hızarcı)

Hi! I am searching for Algerian Street. I found some information on Wikipedia. But I wanted to have more detailed information about this street. So, I have found this street’s page on Facebook. I contacted this street’s facebook group and I sent a message. I said:

-Hi! I am a student at Istanbul Uskudar High School. I have got some homework about “Interesting Street Names” and i want to learn about Algerian Street’s history. Could you help me, please?

-Sure. Algerian Street or Algerian Dead End is in Beyoglu, Istanbul. This street is a pathway that connects Beyoglu with Tophane and behind the Galatasaray High School.

In the last months of 2003, Algerian Street was organized by a company that bought many buildings there and the company gave it a new name: French Street. The change in the name of the street and in the buildings' usage was criticized by people.

When France accepted the Armenian Genocide, people talked about Algerian Street’s new name.

People wanted their street’s name to be Algerian Street. They cancelled the French Street’s upper and lower input signs. Today, only a few doing bussiness accpet it as French Street.

- Your street is heavily influnced by France. How does it affect you?

-Yes, there is a lot of French influence in our street. This makes it attractive. We call it “Little France”. Tourists come here from all over the world.

-Thank you for helping me.

-You’re welcome. We are waiting for you to come to our street

and i am going to prepare a video about our dialog. (Rabia)

I found this street's panoromic image.This is the link:

http://www.panoramikistanbul.com/fransiz-sokagi-french-street.html (Rabia)

Finally, i prepared a video about our dialog. This is the link :

http://goanimate.com/videos/0Q13kDWl7zLA?utm_source=linkshare&uid=08zDEeBTcb9k (Rabia)

And i want to show you Algerian Street's pictures. These are Algerian Street's pictures: (Rabia)

FRANSZ~1.JPG konu3_mercek3_b.jpg
fransiz_sokagi.jpg cezayir-sokagi_226913.jpg
cezayir-sokagi_108421.jpg cezayir-sokagi_108422.jpg


The Street Jurnal(Aslıhan Berra Helvacı)

It's located in Beyoglu.It is too close to Istiklal Street.Its name comes from French. French journalists used to live in the hotels of Jurnal Street. It's like a street which is located in Turkey but which doesn't belong to the Turkish. It's like that because after the French, Italians lived there, too .In 1863, Italian Workers' Association moved there so Jurnal Street became a very important place for the Italians.And the balls that this association organised made the street very popular so at that time it became a fun center and the Italian Cultural center was first founded in Jurnal Street. And especially it meant a lot for the Italian levantines. Most of them were living and working there.

And here It's the video I prepared:



Nuruziya Street

I wanted to learn about Nuruziya Street. So I looked at some blogs and took information from Wikipedia.

This street is in Beyoglu. We can say that people who live in this street, are outstanding. Once upon a time it was called Rue de Pologne in Galatasaray. This street has its share in political, economic, social development. There is an apartment whose name is Kiyin near Nuruziya Street. Also there is a building across Kiyin Apartment. This building’s name is Commendinger Home. This Commendinger was belong to famous pianist and dealer Austrian Commendingers.

The building which was Italian High School in the 19th century, is near the Commendinger House and today it belongs to the Masons. This place was purchased by the Masons in 1928. Two most important words of the Masons are 'nur' and 'ziya.' So the street’s name is called Nuruziya Street rather than Polonya Street.


That's my animation about Nuruziya Street.